Like Shirley


Do you remember a sweet child with golden hair that was, long time ago, the princess of Hollywood? She was only 4 years old when she became an international star. Oh, yes… I’m talking about the unique Shirley Temple.  Born in 1928, this little girl conquered the world with her innocence and beauty, with her golden locks, with her smile and her huge talent. She was a wonder child of her time and she still amaze modern world with her movies. Her aptitudes were amazing .Shirley temple was an actress, dancer, singer, and, later she became  U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. You can see her in movies like Bright Eyes, Curly Top, Heidi, A Little Princess and much more. Beside all that, I remember from her movies the outfits. They were so nice and suitable for young Shirley transforming her in a real doll, the perfect child. I was inspired by her look  from this old picture in „Life” magazine.



In these pictures I was  wearing an old C&A  shirt ( ) , tights from Gatta ( ), an old skirt from my mother, red ribbon, shoes from Moda Prosper, hair pin from Mercur.

À bientôt !

4 gânduri despre “Like Shirley

  1. Felicitari pentru debut, inspiratie in potrivirea ideii, incadrarea si suprapunerea actualului intr-un, respectiv peste un context pierdut in departari si totusi peren! La mai mare!

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