Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a kingdom from the Carpathian Mountains, somewhere in a castle, a beautiful woman was putting on paper her story life, an extraordinary and incomparable way of moments. She was the beloved Queen Mary of Romania, born Marie Alexandra Victoria, later receiving the title of Princess Marie of Edinburgh, wife of King Ferdinand I. I allays was fascinated by this character of my country’s history. She was a real beauty, a smart and kind woman, mother of six children and also mother of her people. Many years ago, my father received a gift from a friend…a book. I still have that book. It’s called “The story of my life” and is about this remarkable woman’s existence. Unfortunately, I have only the third volume of the book. Luckily, even if it is very old, the book is in a good state and is very rare. It is the original translation of Margarita Miller-Verghy. This third volume is about Queen Mary, at that time an English princess, young and without experience, arriving in her new country and home, Romania. Timid, Mary talk about her impression of an unlikely people, something that she never saw before. She was astonished about Romanians, about their Latin figure and personality (she was familiar only with the English type). Queen Mary admit in her book that it was hard to adapt herself to this new home and she felt lonely for long time but, she also admit that she fall in love with Romania irremediably . She, like no other queen did before, shared with us her thoughts, the lights and the shadows of her soul, the happy moments and the sad ones, her passions and the things that she disliked. The reader became a confessionary, like a priest who only listen her heart not judging her, not interrupting her only receiving the words in absolute silence. The lecture of this book represents a huge experience and can be, for all women a model of good-sense and reason. A book like this can be a treasure, not only for the material value but also for the good things that it had to teach us, a manual that can prepare us for a life full of happy or tumultuous moments. What surprises me is her Majesty’s interest for fashion. That is an extraordinary characteristic that approaches her a lot from feminine readers. I think that a few women don’t like fashion. As I saw in this book, this subject was important in that period of time in the same measure it is now. The queen talks a lot about clothes. Mary of Romania was very careful of what she was wearing in every occasion of her royal life. Her mother’s advice, the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, followed her outfit choices all the time: “Clothes have a big importance everywhere, in the world, and especially in the eastern countries; for this reason, never forget to get dress carefully in moments of celebration. This is one of a princess’s duties “. Actually, in this book, the queen is describing with surgical precision every piece of her “trousseau” or of the jewels with almost every occasion and not only what she was wearing but what others were wearing. The reader finds also the name of fashion designers of that age like Leferrière from Paris. From the old pages of the époque document we discover a lost world but not for forever. It’s easy, with a little imagination to recreate the splendor that once was, to put back in our hearts the image of a true lady, to make from her a example to be followed, to understand what treasures have she offered us, women, by sharing with her readers her life story. The article from today is dedicated to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mary of Romania and her book, is dedicated to the beauty of a woman that amazed a nation and still amaze, is dedicated to her elegance, her spirit, her ideas and to an age that were once upon a time.

Here are some photos from the book, testimonies of those magic times.



The first photo of Queen Mary in Romania in 1893

…in 1913


in 1987, Queen Mary and Ducky (the Grand Duchess Kyrill)



The Queen



The Queen, her children and other members of the Royal Family


Carol I with Nicholas


King Ferdinand I with Carol II



Queen Elisabeth of Romania (Carmen Sylva)

Empress Alexandra Romanova

Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich (Serge) and  Grand Duchess Elisaveta Feodorovna (Ella), his wife

À bientôt !


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