Mother India

Do you think that only America or Europe has “vintage” stories to tell? Nothing more false! I will tell you a fairytale about a woman who became a legend and about clothes for which the time is not an “enemy”.

In 1929, in Calcutta,India , saw the first time the light of the world, a baby girl named Fatima Rashid. At six years old she made her debut in Indian cinematography and people called her “Baby Nargis” . Years later, she became one of the most known actresses from India – Nargis. She played in many films, most of them beside another Indian legend, Raj Kapoor. The role that made of her an international star was maybe Radha from “Mother India” for which she was nominated to Academy Awards. She is also known for movies like “Shree 420”, “Awaara” or “Nargis”. After her last film, in 1967, she retired from the cinematography. Years later she became benefactor of The Spastics Society of India doing charitable work for this organization. She is considered the best Indian actress ever, a symbol of her country.

For me, she was one of the first to “reveal” the beauty of Indian costumes. I will never forget my first Indian movie – “Shree 420”. Even it was black and white, was not hard to see the beauty of the clothes. Later, I saw other Indian movies, with colors and I was simply amazed by the rich palette of nuances that were composing the Indian costume. Dressing in India’s history is an ancient tradition. The clothes of women and their jewels are amazing. What I love the most is the fact that Indian costume remains “fresh” after so many centuries of existence. I am fascinated by what women are wearing. I saw elegant costumes, different and, for us, Europeans, extravagant. I was curious to find out more about this Indian style and, of course, to have such clothes. What I know is that, like in every country, Indian women get dress different in every region: the  Sari in the Indian subcontinent,  Ghagra choli  in Rajasthan and Gujarat, Salwar kameez in Kashmir , HaryanaHimachal Pradesh and   Punjab, Churidaar, Mundum Neriyathum  and Pattu pavadai in south. The clothes are made from silk, cotton, cashmere, chiffon and also wool. Of course, silk is considered most precious, an image of style and luxury. A sari, for example, can be simple or, for rich women, extremely ornamented and from the most expensive silk. It can reach the sum of 100.000 $!  The costumes are decorated with complicated embroideries, beads, little mirrors and also precious stones, colorful and sparkling. The colors are magnificent, so animated, with bold combinations.  Some of the costumes are accompanied by extraordinary jewels that can transform every woman in a real princess. In my opinion, the Indian clothes are very beautiful, an example of longevity and are good subjects for a vintage look. If you are courageous you can wear such a costume on a party or a simple tunic can be an excellent choice for an everyday outfit.

These are some photos of Nargis :

Nargis (1)


These are some examples of Indian costumes and jewels:







This is my outfit inspired by Nargis:




In these pictures I was wearing an authentic Indian tunic, velvet leggings from Terranova ( , velvet T-shirt from Brookers Jeanswear, no name jewels .

À bientôt !

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  1. cu asemenea articole documentare, nu mai ai nevoie de discovery.. parcurgerea blogului a devenit un hobby primordial

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