The “Magic Bird” of Romania

Romania had and has great artists. I will bring into the light the memory of one of the greatest – Maria Tanase.

She was a Romanian singer and she performed traditional songs from allover the country. Her repertoire was made from almost 400 songs.

Born in 1913, in Bucharest, in a modest family from the Caramidarilor’s suburb, she made her musical debut at the Community Centre from the same place in 1921 at a school feast. At 21years old she gets a job at the Theater “Carabus” but she will not stay for long time. After her departure from the theatre she succeeds to make her first radiophonic appearance putting a “spell” on everybody with her unlikely voice. Later, the historian Nicolae Iorga gives her the surname of “Magic Bird”.

Maria Tanase was a beautiful women, a smart one, and, how some say, a directly person. She was fascinating for people around her. One of hers adorer was the great international artist Constantin Brancusi.

She performed, on Romania but also on international stages from Istambul, Paris, New York, songs like “Cine iubeste si lasa”, “M-am jurat de mii de ori”, “Marie si Marioara”, “Tiganeasca”, “Mi-am pus busuioc in par” and much other. She received notable prizes and distinctions like a decoration “Ordinul Muncii” in 1954, “State prize” in 1955, the title “Artist Emerit” in 1957 and “Grand prix du disque” (Paris) in 1965 with the album “Le Chant du Monde”, after her death in 1963.

As well, she made her appearance in movies, theater and operetta. A remarkable movie is “Ciulinii Baraganului” (The Thistles of the Baragan) directed by Gheorghe Vitanidis and Louis Daquin , based on the novel with the same title of Panait Istrati.

Writing about the personality of Maria Tanase, well, I think that I need a lot of pages.

She is, indeed, a symbol of Romania, loved in her lifetime and also after her premature death at only 49 years old. When you listens her music your entire soul tremble, it is overwhelmed with multiple emotions of joy and sorrow in the same time. Listen to her music! You will never forget her!

Some links with Maria Tanase’s songs:

Maria Tanase



A tribute…




In these photos I am wearing an authentic handmade traditional Romanian costume.

À bientôt !

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