Karenina…an exceptional character

One of the greatest novels of all times from the universal literature is, without any doubt, Anna Karenina, the great classic story written by Lev Tolstoy. Inspired in part by a real fact, Anna Karenina is a story about family with all that this word presumes, about love, passion, life and death. “The perfect novel” said G.Ibraileanu.

With a colossal action and a great number of characters we see the Russian society from the late 19th century, the peasants, the intellectuals, the nobles with a special attention upon aristocracy’s life. It’s the tale of two couples, two love stories. One, it’s the story of Ekaterina Alexandrovna Șcerbațkaia (Kitty) and Konstantin Dmitrici Levin, from a certain point of view a calm and peaceful relation with an almost normal family life  . The other is the sinner love between Anna Arkadievna Karenina (married with Alexei Alexandrovici Karenin) and the count Alexei Kirilovici Vronski. This character, Anna Karenina, is a masterpiece of Tolstoy. She is not a positive image. Karenina is negative for the society. She was not a ravishing beauty but she was beautiful and Tolstoy is describing her with such perfection of style. She was a rebel, a superior creature, unique. Being adulterine was something normal for her and she was doing that in a personal way, not with passion falling mostly in vulgarity. She was smart and her presence was like a spell for mean and also women around her. She does a lot of ugly and unpardonable things like cheating her husband, abandoning her child but, despite all this she has a good light upon her that makes her human, but different form a mass of humans around her. And these are the characteristic that makes her so real. In the end she destroys herself by falling into depression and taking her own life. She found her end under the wheels of a train. Anna and her death are symbols of the decadence who in the end brings nothing good only destruction.

Anna Karenina is not only a character of major importance in the universal literature. The heroine and the homonymous novel created a cinematographic success by the multiples versions on the big screen. Famous actresses gave birth to this monumental character like Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Jacqueline Bisset, Tatiana Samoilova, Sophie Marceau and, in the 2012 version, Keira Knightley. Every movie about Karenina brings something new, sophisticated costumes, locations, transposing the spectator in that era, sometimes making of the viewer an “accomplice” to character’s secrets.


Actresses that played Anna Karenina

Greta Garbo in Anna Karenina (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ,1935)



Vivien Leigh (Anna Karenina,London Film Productions,1948)



Tatiana Samoilova (Anna Karenina, Mosfilm, 1967)



Sophie Marceau (Anna Karenina, Warner Bros. 1997)



Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina,Universal Pictures, 2012)





Following Anna’s dressing style








In these photos I was wearing a handmade taffeta dress, no name jewels, vintage gloves.

À bientôt !

8 gânduri despre “Karenina…an exceptional character

  1. dincolo de artistica maniera cu care ne-a obisnuit, atat in a alege subiecte memorabile, cat si a le zugravi intr-o mare tinuta, ne intrebam cum am identifica-o pe autoare in pielea (a se citi costumatia) unui personaj masculin… zorro sau darth vader? poate inspector clouseau?:D
    cu stima!

  2. google le preia si infatiseaza cu forme generoase precum cele din picturile secolelor XVI-XVIII.. cam exagerate..

  3. Exagerate pentru noi. Avem alt tipar al femeii. Am vazut un reportaj foarte interesant despre cum trebuie sa fie femeia in Mauritania (formele generoase sunt o conditie obligatorie). Frumusetea feminina depinde de „normalul” fiecaruia.

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