China…an ancient civilization that never stops to amaze us. Art, science, literature, religion, history and…clothing. Who cannot admire the beautiful costumes silk-made, colored with such heavenly nuances?

The article today is about a certain type of clothes. The name is cheongsam or qipao. The gives the perfect definition for this piece of clothing:

“The cheongsam is a traditional dress worn by Chinese women, typified by a high collar, long length (mid-calf usually) and button or frog closures near the shoulder. This fitted dress is often made up in shimmering silk, embroidered satin or other sensual fabrics. Best on athletic or slim figures, the cheongsam is an acceptable alternative to the little black dress for special occasions.”

The cheongsam have a long history. In China this dress came in the same time with the Manchu people and rulers in 1644 (they started the last dynasty of China, the Quin dynasty).

The cheongsam suffered multiple changes and the final form is the one we all know today like traditional costume for women in China. The length of the cheongsam is from short to long. You can have a blouse, a short dress or a long dress. Whatever you choose, the elegance is guarantee.

Many actresses promoted this fabulous dress. I remember the beautiful Anna May Wong (the first Asian international movie star from the 30’s and 40’s, better known for the movie “Shanghai Express”) or the sex symbol of the 60’s, the Hong Kong actress Nancy Kwan wearing this beautiful piece of clothing.

In conclusion, the cheongsam is an excellent vintage but also actual piece of clothing, a perfect choice for a normal day outfit or a precious occasion, a way to mark the femininity of the woman.

Anna May Wong



Nancy Kwan


Andreea Wang 😉







In these photos I am wearing authentic cheongsam dress and blouses.

À bientôt !

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  1. ar fi corespondentul kimono-ului japonez? bun regasit in noul an, pasi apasati si neobositi pe calea cruciadei vintage!

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