“Queen of the gypsies”

…or  “ Gypsies Are Found Near to Heaven” is one of the greatest movies I ever saw. Made in 1975 in the former URSS, the movie is the masterpiece of director Emil Loteanu, a motion picture based on some short stories of Russian writer, Maxim Gorky (1868-1936).

It’s a movie about a beautiful gipsy woman, Rada, who loves Luicu Zobar, a horse thief. The action is set at the beginnings of 1900 in Bessarabia. If this love story is the center of the movie, the background is made of gypsies life, their traditions, their social condition, their life, it’s about love, life, beauty and brutality.

Rada became an idol tanks to actress Svetlana Toma who interpreted her magnificent. She enchants the viewer with her stunning beauty, with her natural and wild temperament. Alongside with the perfect surroundings, Rada’s beauty makes the perfect image of a work of art.

The movie and the actress Svetlana Toma became famous around the world receiving various prizes and distinctions all over the world like in San Sebastian, Belgrade, Paris, Prague and Panama.

Also,  the music of Eugen Doga (http://www.trilulilu.ro/muzica-soundtrack/coloana-sonora-din-filmul-satra-eugen-doga-60-de-m)it’s monumental.

The end of the movie is not like in the American stories, with happy-end, but will make the spectator fall in love irremediably with the “Queen of the gypsies”.

In conclusion, it’s a movie that I recommend with all my heart.

Svetlana Toma in „Queen of the Gypsies” (1975, Mosfilm)





and a blonde Rada






I was wearing an old Miarte dress (http://www.miarte.com.tr), silk scarf, no name vintage jewels.

À bientôt !



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