Marquise des Anges

Have you ever seen a movie with Angelique?

Who is Angelique?

She is wonderful and determined, she is beautiful and desired by kings and sultans, and she is a great character played by a French actress, a star of the 60’s, Michele Mercier.

Angelique was a noble woman from the 17th century who pass trough many adventures, all for the love of her husband Jeoffrey, Comte de Peyrac de Morens, Lord of Toulouse.

Inspired by a long series of novels, written by Anne and Serge Golon, the big screen offered to the public five movies with this superb heroine :Angelique, Marquise of Angels (1964) ,Wonderful Angelique (1965) , Angelique and the King (1966) , Indomitable Angelique (1967) and Angelique and the Sultan (1968) .

Having a wonderful life beside her husband, Jeoffrey de Peyrac (Robert Hossein) and a rich and extravagant existence, she finds herself in situation to lose her mate because of the jealousy of a king, the famous Louis XIV of France (Jacques Toja). From a rich and elegant woman, after her husband’s execution, Angelique arrives in the suburbs of Paris, at Miracles Court where she finds Nicolas (Giuliano Gemma), whom she had loved when she was an adolescent. With his help she founds also her two children. Nicholas is hurt in a fight between tow rival gangs and dies. Slowly, Angelique succeeds to regain her place in the nobles society and she marries the Marquis de Plessis-Bellières, her cousin Philippe (Claude Giraud). She obtains a place at the Court of the king. But Philippe dies in a battle and the king finally declare his true feelings for Angelique. The beautiful marquise resists to king’s advances and she finds out that her husband was not executed and he was alive. She starts a journey to find Jeoffrey. Many adventures on sea and in a sultan’s harem will mark this quest. She will encounter his husband but not for long. Angelique will be kidnapped by a sultan and, this time, Peyrac will be the one to find her.

The movie is an exceptional example of how historical movies were made in the 60’s. The character is played majestic by Michele Mercier. She gave birth to a powerful, beautiful, and so much in love Angelique.

For me, these movies represent a perfect way to relax, to see a beautiful love story, to enjoy the beautiful costumes, the elegant conversation from long forgotten times.

Michele Mercier as Angelique








Following with timid steps Angelique’s style



I was wearing an old velvet blouse, Blagoy-art tiara and necklace ( and silver earings.


I was wearing a vintage white blouse and military coat (Gina).


I was wearing an old blouse from my mother and a corset from Nissa (

À bientôt !


3 gânduri despre “Marquise des Anges

  1. da… unele dintre peliculele care ti se intipareau de-a dreptul… tinem minte ca era doar tvr si serile erau impartite, luni teatru, marti telecinemateca, joi (ori duminica) dallas… sau ceva de genul… in tot cazul, mereu captivant sa dai ochi cu nostalgia (si nu numai) prin calitatea povestilor autoarei.

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