See you later, alligator!

Te sun has set too many times from my last article here…I’m back and I’m hoping to write more often. I was asleep too long…but, my vintage stories woke me up. It is more than a year since I adopted a new personal style…the 50’s one. Beautiful!

What is 50’s style? Well, in my opinion, it was a revolution in all: music, fashion, and way of life. It is the decade of rebels like the icon-actor James Dean or sex-symbols like Marilyn Monroe and rock-and-roll. The fashion changed, especially for women. A diversity of colures was available. The dresses were fit for dance, letting women the ability to move easily. But women were also “free” to wear pants, especially the Capri (actually they were called simply- Capri) and Cigarettes, shorts (the Bermuda), and leggings. Very popular in women’s fashion were the jeans. Actually, it was for the first time, when women were not constrained by barriers of prejudice. Also, the hair was different from other periods of time. The bangs, the short, curly poodle cut, bouffant and beehive, the ponytails were all over. It is not a beautiful image? Imagine all this free, fashionable new women, in the streets or in a 50’s American diner drinking a milkshake or, listen at the jukebox the classic song ofBill Haley and the comets- See you later, alligator!

50’s fashion and style:

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Me in the 50’s 😉

DSCF35111 DSCF35121 DSCF35141 DSCF35161 DSCF35221 DSCF35231 DSCF35241 DSCF35261 DSCF35281 DSCF35301 DSCF35311 DSCF35321 DSCF35331 DSCF35391 DSCF35451

I’m wearing skinny jeans from H&M, vintage dress from my mom ;), white t-shirt (no name), vintage blouses (no-name), no name skirt and bandanas.

À  bientôt!


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