Don’t lose your neck…lace

I see and hear, more and more, wearing and speaking about statement necklaces. Every girl and woman has a statement jewel in her wardrobe. It’s chic, it’s cool, has a vintage air and yes, it’s magnificent. I love statement jewels, especially necklaces. But did you know that they have not a recent history? Did you know that the statement necklace is one of the oldest types of jewels on the world?
First of all, a statement necklace is something outstanding, bigger is better for this one. A necklace with gems, beads, pearls, precious or not, a veritable work of art- this is a statement necklace! The purpose is to amaze. A simple dress is fabulous with such a necklace. Back in time, a statement necklace was made for showing the rich and luxury of a noble, of a king or a queen, to show the importance of someone.
The first records are in ancient Egypt. Kings and queens had such of magnificent jewels. They were made of pure gold or other precious metals and stones such as lapis lazuli, carnelian, turquoise, jasper. The necklaces were also offered as a reward, as a symbol of honor for generals or soldier. They were remarkable. The archeologist found some of those jewels in tombs of pharaohs or of some high dignitaries. They are exposed in museum around the world and replicas of those magnificent jewels can be bought. It must be such a feeling being in the shoes of Cleopatra…oops… in her necklace.
Later, in history, I have in mind my favorite queen- Elisabeth Tudor. I remember her outfits. Clothes, jewels, hair- everything was statement to her. Like in ancient Egypt, the necklaces were masterpieces. They were made for a magnificent woman and all precious metal or stone was put there for Gloriana.
A source of beautiful statement necklaces is, no doubt, India. Maybe the most beautiful jewels come from there. The maharajah, their wives, concubines, daughters had an unimaginable number of jewels, with the most precious stones and pearls. Sometimes, I see some Indian movie and I can’t stop looking at the jewels that the actresses are wearing.
So, statement necklaces are not a recent “discovery”. I can only say that I’m so glad that women love that type of jewel and wear it. You can find a lot of beautiful necklaces or you can make your own original and unique pieces. The important thing is to know how to wear such a jewel. You must be an apparition not a Christmas tree.

Some jewels to dream of:



Elizabeth I Armada l




and these are my handmade necklaces…not from gold but they make me feel gooooooood!!!!

„Elisabeth Bathory”



„Amber dream”


„Plus que tout au monde”


„Tears of the sea”






„Mina Harker”


À bientôt!


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