Why I love Vintage ?

I was asked days ago why I love so much Vintage.

First of all, because it is actually a classic style that makes me feels good. I love the clothes, the movies, the hair styles, music from past eras.

Vintage is not old-fashioned. Oh no! Vintage is elegant, not expensive (if you look in your mother’s or grand-mother’s armoire), stunning, creative, inspirational and you will be observed for sure. Vintage never dies. You can choose from elements from 30’s, 40’s or from the late 1800. Combine these elements, wear them as they are (especially in the case of 40’s or 50’s) or put them together with something actual. It’s hard to fail. Are some tricks to be learned and you will be extraordinary.


It is important to know how to wear vintage. You have to adopt the attitude without being ridiculous. Vintage woman are ladies from past times, Vintage woman are sexy even if they are dressed from head to toe. I, and this is my opinion, think that a woman who show not much is more intriguing than a woman who shows everything. A vintage woman is not a piece of meat; a vintage woman is work of art- to be admired, desired and treasured.


When I’m wearing vintage clothes I feel myself, I feel special. Women have the tendency to dress all in the same way. Even if they dress with expensive clothes they look like they wearing uniforms sometimes. I love to be different; I love to be the splash of color.

Do not be afraid to wear vintage. With the right attitude and the vintage clothes you will be unique.

…and my answer was: Because I’m makes me feel unique.



3 In this picture I am  wearing a vintage blouse from my mother and a vintage skirt ( always from my mother), authentic pearls necklace and earrings.

À bientôt!

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