V for…Vampires in a Wild Garden

Oh, yes…I have a dark side too. I love vampire stories. This passion of me is not because I’m living in the country of the most important vampire character in the history- Dracula. I just love them. I find in some stories with vampires something romantic and sensual. I find vampires vintage too. I can say that my favorite books with vampires are The Vampire Chronicles by the unique Anne Rice.


I have read a lot of her books and I say it is impossible not to love her characters. These night creatures are sometimes more human than a human being, more sensible, intelligent and, of course have an unearthly beauty. For them the world is nothing than a “savage garden”. And it’s true…the world is a garden…but a savage one, a wild one. In my last published book “Contes Magiques du Temps d’Autrefois” I have a poem about such a garden:


A wild garden

A wild garden is rising, it’s all over me

But here are no flowers, here is no tree,

Here is no grass, birds sing no more

It’s something else, not seen before.


The wind is a whisper that conjure the Gods,

A new belief for the mortals shall be,

The earth is ending, now it has new odds, 

Black roses are growing out from the sea.


The past is gone, it’s now resting in peace,

The world has changed, new Sun shall rise

And it shall give me a heavenly kiss,

Shall caress my hair, shall open my eyes.






Lestat and Louis



In such a garden creatures like this vampires are sitting, without moving, elegant, in Victorian outfits with silk and velvet, with precious jewels, waiting for some mortal to put a spell on him or her.

I don’t find this creepy…this is my dark passion. 😉

avangarde vampire2 avangarde vampire

I am wearing in this photo a Victorian blouse, vintage jewels and black skirt (no name).

À bientôt!


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